The internet changed the world, transforming the way we access and share information. It revolutionized interaction, communication, and the buying experience. Also sensors were embedded into more and more machines. Today, the industrial internet of things is growing at about double the rate of the consumer internet.

Industry 4.0 is made possible by smart objects, autonomous products and decision-making processes which manage manufacturing and production networks in close-to-real-time.Industry 4.0 represents a paradigm shift from "centralized" to "decentralized" production. Simply put, this means that industrial production machinery no longer simply “processes” the product, but that the product communicates with the machinery to tell it exactly what to do.

Our device software, SDK and remote management software -together with our professional services team- are the foundation to realize open platform and open standards based solutions in the industry area.

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We are very pleased to work for and with the best companies

Wind River Intelligent Device Platform, launched in late 2012, comes with ProSyst OSGi middleware.

Wind River Systems, Inc. is a company providing embedded systems, development tools for embedded systems, middleware, and other types of software. The company was founded in 1981. In, 2009, Wind River announced that Intel had bought the company, Wind River continues to exist as a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel.

Bosch has licensed ProSyst mBS and mPRM for various products ans use cases in the Industry 4.0 space.

With EUR 70+ billions in revenue and more than 370,000 associates, Bosch is a leading technology and services company, Bosch takes advantage of our global opportunities for strong and meaningful development. Bosch´s ambition is to enhance the quality of life with solutions that are both innovative and beneficial. We focus on our core competencies in automotive and industrial technologies as well as in products and services for professional and private use.

The ProSyst OSGi-based middleware is used since many years in some large parking solutions, e.g. at JFK, Dallas Fort Worth airport, etc.

Federal APD (now part of 3M group) is a leading manufacturer of automated parking systems across North America and around the globe.  Founded in 1953, Federal APD has been around since the days when most parking operations employed little more than a cigar box. The company was recently acquired by 3M.

Since 2008, Schneider Electric is using the ProSyst mBS OSGi-based middleware stack to realize commercial products in the Efficient Home space and to develop a company wide embbeded software platform.

Schneider Electric SA is a France-based global company that specializes in electricity distribution, automation management and produces installation components for energy management. The Company has five divisions organized by business: Energy and Infrastructure, Industry, Buildings, Data centres and networks, and Residential.

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