Open standard platform and solutions - Expand your options and protect your investments

Smart, connected products are disrupting business as we know it. We provide a device-, hardware- and sensor-agnostic IoT middleware platform, and powerful, simple-to-use tools which enable fast and cost effective development of new solutions, equipment and services for the Internet of Things.

Open Platform

Connect with everything and everyone

All of ProSyst solutions are built on OSGi, an open and modular software platform specification that integrates an ecosystem of product and service providers, enabling them to connect with their consumers and seamlessly engage, extend and evolve their offerings. It allows companies to  get a jumpstart as they can concentrate on their core competencies, e.g. in user engagement, user interface or other areas of the end to end solution.

Get more with an open API-based solution

Proprietary platforms providing similar functionality are hidden behind walled gardens, so whenever consumers want to add new capabilities they find themselves beholden to specific vendors. With ProSyst´s technology, there’s freedom of choice.

The open, extensible APIs enable the technology-neutral integration of various systems—as well as third-party consumer-facing applications. Some of the protocols and technologies supported include the following:

  • OSGi
  • Java, JCA, JMS
  • Web Services (SOAP, REST)

The ProSyst open and modular platform is flexible and scalable enough to meet today’s rigorous development criteria and adaptable to future design mandates. No vendor lock-in, high flexibility and future proof architectures.

Connect with your existing back office

With its open APIs, the ProSyst remote device managment system can integrate with existing back-office enterprise systems, including customer management, billing systems, load monitoring and security applications.

Open Standards

Our technology is built on open standards

As a leader in the Internet of Things middleware industry, ProSyst builds solutions that adhere to open standards. Uncompromising use of open standards facilitates rapid, secure integrations with the ProSyst platform; promotes interoperability among ProSyst and third-party applications; and protects customer control over investments and data.

No one likes to be locked into using a particular vendor, product or technology, which is exactly what proprietary systems do. When it comes to smart IoT solutions, ProSyst technology is all about freedom of choice. Everyone—service providers, device manufacturers, developers and customers alike—can keep their current and future options open.

A champion of open standards

ProSyst’s commitment to open standards extends far beyond our own organization. We help lead the industry in developing, adopting and advancing new standards, thereby ensuring the long-term viability of the marketplace. We also have the right partners in place to support a large ecosystem of third-party products needed to create an end-to-end solution - leveraging open-standard interoperability.

Cloud, on-premise and embedded options

Cloud-based Internet of Things

All of ProSyst solutions are built on OSGi, an open and modular software platform that integrates an ecosystem of product and service providers, enabling them to connect with their customers and seamlessly engage, extend and evolve their offerings.  

The ProSyst platform enables innovators to rapidly create and deploy new applications, services and solutions for a smart and connected world.

With ProSyst, users can:

  • Connect any device in the ecosystem to the platform.
  • Natively integrate with major cloud platform providers to take advantage of the best of breed cloud services alongside the platform.
  • Remove complexity and develop IoT applications and solutions without limits.
  • Quickly and easily develop apps and services by using the Eclipse-based SDK.
  • Develop, deploy and manage solutions to meet the needs of the market - cloud, on-premise and embedded options meet the needs of every use case.

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ProSyst is working to help evolve and promote the following open standards, among others:

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